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Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Thank you for your uncannily accurate reading, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it MJ, Darwin, Australia. New York, USA. Thank you very much for this very comprehensive and extensive astrology reading. It looks like a lot of hard work for you, so I'm very grateful KT, Melbourne, Australia.

It was an in-depth read that touched on points so helpful and insightful to me. A gift much appreciated. The past few years have been a distinct detour from my path, as I trawled through depression and a quagmire so deep and overwhelming, I often wondered how on earth I could find my way through this to return to some semblance of peace within and a sense of entitlement to life itself.

Your reading highlighted things I can realistically work with in restoring these things back again.

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My appreciation to you for the gifts you give this world JM, Adelaide, Australia. I would just like to say thank you very much. The astrology report was just about spot on in every aspect! I will be going to your website and checking out other interesting information you have. Once again, thank you for your time to do this report RW, Tasmania, Australia. Very warm thanks for the free astrology report. I found it very insightful and it has left me with much to ponder over. I'm very grateful for your expertise and generosity!

SP, Sydney, Australia. Thank you so much. I very much look forward to reading this tonight and will pass your website onto everyone I know RG, London, England. Milton, you seem to have an uncanny way of getting into the nitty gritty of what one is contemplating doing with ones life.

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I thank you for your professionalism and advice. You are a valuable asset to many that is for sure. PB, Sydney, Australia. I was totally thrilled to receive my new born daughter's horoscope. You have now given me an insight to her personality, future studies and career direction. You are so comprehensive and I thoroughly appreciate your work. SK, Auckland New Zealand.

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  4. I can see now sir you are no amateur, I was really amazed with your accuracy. I will certainly contact you again for further information if and when the need arises. What a surprise I got when I received your astrology reading, I almost had to pick myself up from the floor with shock. How do you know so much about people?

    I will certainly tell my island friends about you. CT, Suva, Fiji. Milton, you are a gem.

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    You are really a great professional and it was a pleasure to speak with you. GR, Durban, South Africa. How you deal with bumps along the way determines the lesson to be learnt, stay positive and focus on your goals. Happy birth-month to ya! You stand the chance of getting a raise around this time, and your work life will be energised.

    This could lead to a burnout. We recommend you do whatever relaxation techniques you typically employ in cases like this. A glass of wine and some classical music may be all that is needed to help you switch modes after a busy day at work. Leo will fall hard for Libra, and for good reason.

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    Aries is a devoted sign, one that loves hard and deep, and this is perfect for Leo, a sign that is happiest when he is being doted on and adored beyond measure. August is perhaps your best month in the entire year for finding someone special. Enjoy this month — free of stress, pain, and worry — and use it to remember how fortunate you are to be here on this planet.