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Free online tool to help astrologer perform quick searches on planetary positions. Configuration Hunter online astrology tool. Software. CommunitySee All . New astrological tool: Midpoints hunter | Configuration Hunter- online astrology.
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LoveTies Astrological Analysis of Relationships. LoveTies is a high quality, reasonably priced program that can tell you what classical astrology has to say about your love life. It not only performs fast, accurate astronomical calculations, it also produces detailed, high quality interpretations. A similar procedure will be necessary for the Swiss Ephemeris dynamic library.

Top 3 SOULMATE Indicators in Astrology (Synastry) - 2019

After installing the TerranAtlas. So its like a chart online but in a few words only on your mobile. I always check with LuckyAstro before making any scheduling decisions! Great free stuff. I am familiar with three programs: Winstar, Kepler and Solar Fire. My byte of choice is Winstar, which is the first program I bought back in the nineties.

Section II: The Most Important Lots

Solar Fire is a solid program, but I just like the way Winstar is set up. I don't like Kepler. There's nothing "wrong" with it as it creates lovely accurate charts, but I don't like the workflow. Everything is set up through a front control panel and you have to return there for new charts. Winstar and Solar Fire have an open-range approach where you can access and create charts all other program functions anytime, anyway.

The look of the program is very pink-purple, soft green-blue Also, I had a horrible experience with the Kepler customer service department!!! The Cat astrologer. The program is very complete, suitable for professionals. He also answers very quickly to e-mails if you have any technical issue at least if you have a similar time zone, he is dutch. Find all posts by The Cat astrologer. I used to draw up charts with paper and pencil.

Showing my mature age ha! Guess it's time to get software. What would you all recommend that's simple to use and for someone just getting back to studying after many years of not? My Gemini rising of many interests needs something that will keep me interested.

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Planetdance is relatively easy to use. It is free so you can give it a try, in the post previous to yours there is the link.

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Remember Me? Have you read the FAQ? Astrology Software. Recommendations Looking for advice and suggestions on books, websites, programs, professionals, organizations, or anything else related to astrology? Page 5 of 6. Thread Tools. Re: Astrology Software Does anyone happen to know of any freely available software or websites that offer the option to draw midpoints? Join Date: May Posts: Find all posts by ognjenka.

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    Free ones. If they cost mention it. Sep 14, 2. Sep 14, 3. It gives very detailed info about you.. Sep 14, 4. Sep 14, 5.

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